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Computer Crime

Computer, or internet crime, also known as “cyber crime”, is as diverse as the internet itself.  Some common types of computer, or internet crimes include intellectual property violations, phishing, credit card fraud, cyber theft, and other internet scams. Internet crime is a federal crime and is generally investigated by federal agencies such as the FBI in cooperation with state and local authorities.

A special Internet Crime Complaint Center has been developed as a partnership between the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and, the Bureau of Justice Assistance.  Together, these agencies work with international, state and local agencies to investigate internet crime and gather evidence to be used in internet crime prosecutions.

Gillen Withers & Lake LLC has handled a wide variety of computer/cyber crime cases. We have worked in conjunction with sophisticated computer experts in analyzing data from government searches.

Our attorneys are skilled in filing appropriate attacks against unlawful government searches by way of motions to suppress and have the experience to litigate complex search and seizure issues in court.