Appellate Practice, Criminal Appeals
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Federal and State Civil and Criminal Appeals

The attorneys of Gillen Withers & Lake LLC are skillful in federal and state appellate practice and in obtaining the best possible results for their clients on appeal.  Gillen Withers & Lake LLC handles complex issues on appeal, and develops a strategy to obtain the most beneficial result for the client. For instance, in U.S. v. Kim, 364 F.3d 1235 (11th Circuit Court of Appeals 2005), Mr. Gillen won an appeal against the government where the trial court had awarded the defendant for her extraordinary restitution.  And, in Daniels v. Barnes, 289 Ga. App.  897, 658 S.E.2d 472 (Georgia Court of Appeals 2008),

Mr. Withers won a reversal of a contempt citation where the defendant, a young mother of two children, had been sentenced to more than 200 days for contempt for violating a court order.