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Racketeering Defense

Originally enacted by Congress to combat mob related crime in the northeast, the Department of Justice has taken to indicting businessmen and politicians for racketeering, or what is commonly referred to as "RICO."

Federal and State racketeering charges are among the most serious charges a citizen of this country can face. We have had great success in defending against racketeering charges.  Most recently, Mr. Gillen won a dismissal  for his client on all counts following a month long trial against a corporate client in U.S. v. I.A., Inc., Case # 4:05-cr-00059 (Southern District of Georgia 200 5).

And, notably, in the “Gold Club” trial, Case # 99-cr-00609  (Northern District of Georgia 1999), a nationally-reported prosecution, Mr. Gillen served as lead defense counsel for a client, M.D., charged with RICO violations and extortion.