Medicare/Medicaid Fraud, Healthcare Fraud
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Healthcare Fraud, FDA and Online Pharmacy Prosecutions

Healthcare fraud is an initiative with the current Department of Justice because of the ever-increasing amount of funds going to public and private healthcare. Because of the massive federal funding in the health care industry, the government has targeted the industry as a whole for fraud, waste and abuse scrutiny. We have substantial experience both in the prosecution of massive Medicare/Medicaid fraud cases and in the defense of these highly complex and technical cases. Our notable successes in this area include Mr. Gillen’s obtaining a directed verdict of acquittal for a corporate client in a massive Medicaid/Food and Drug Act prosecution, U.S. v. I.A., Inc., Case # 4:05-cr-00059 (Southern District of Georgia 2005) and Mr. Withers’ securing of First Offender treatment with only a fine and no imprisonment or probation for a psychologist charged with Medicare Fraud in the Superior Court of Chatham County, Georgia.

We have represented both individual professionals and executives in the health care industry as well as entities, including physicians, chiropractors, hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. 

Moreover, Mr. Gillen is among the leading defense attorneys in the nation in the growing arena of online pharmaceutical sales prosecutions.