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Financial Crimes, Bank Fraud, Tax Fraud and Securities Fraud Defense

The recent financial crisis centered in the banking industry has resulted in an unprecedented level of investigation focused on financial institution fraud. The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) has now established its own investigative agency and in conjunction with the FBI, IRS and other federal agencies are investigating banks for fraud, waste, misuse and abuse. Arising from these investigations, federal criminal charges against the officers, directors and other interested parties are being pursued regularly. 

With the amount of media coverage lavished on matters related to TARP — known to the public as the government bailout money — the Department of Justice has said that financial institution fraud is going to be one of its priorities in the years to come.

We capably handle complex financial crimes investigations, providing effective criminal defense counsel to officers, directors, and other professionals facing financial fraud charges or investigations. With the amount of federal investigatory resources being brought to bear on financial institution fraud, cases that in the past had been handled either on an administrative level by the FDIC, or the civil level, are now being prosecuted by the government.  As a result, officers and directors face serious penalties, including imprisonment and significant fines if convicted.  

We have a record of success to demonstrate our ability to handle these difficult and sensitive cases.